Infusion Center

When oral medications are not effective and patient care necessitates intravenous therapy, Arthritis Consultants of Tidewater offers an infusion center where our patients can relax in a comfortable environment while receiving treatment that will improve their quality of life.

Although most insurances cover infusion therapy, please confirm your infusion medication is covered by your insurance. If you have any questions, we have trained billing staff to assist you.

Preparing For Your Infusion

  • Some infusions can take several hours, so wear comfortable clothing.
  • The therapy may make you a bit chilly, so bringing a sweater is a good idea.
    • Small blankets are also available onsite.
  • You might want to bring something to pass the time, e.g., a book, your knitting, a crossword, or a Sudoku puzzle.
    • The infusion center has a television and is also equipped with Wi-Fi for internet access.

Get One Step Ahead Of Disease

Rheumatic diseases are a group of more than 100 disorders causing arthritis pain in the joints and stiffness in the muscles and tissues. These diseases may also cause inflammation in the connective tissues of other parts of the body.


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